Pamala Wilson, LM, CPM


I have been licensed as an LM (Licensed Midwife) and CPM (Certified Professional Midwives) through NARM (National Association of Registered Midwives) since September, 2011. I completed my midwifery education through the Midwife To Be program, and received my apprenticeship training here at CCMC. I have a background in Emergency Medical Services as an EMT  and paramedic. I also was trained and certified in PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support), and spent several years taking care of the special needs of a child with severe cerebral palsy.

I have been married to my best friend, Joe, since 1994 and together we have three beautiful girls; Kayla, Shirah and Alissa. We are originally from upstate NY and have lived in the Charlotte area since 2007. All my children were born in the hospital and with the exception of one, the deliveries were un-medicated and as natural as possible. I was not aware that I had any other options, and so my birth stories reflect  the medical nature of the present system.

I feel that becoming a midwife was an accumulation of events in my life. I had tinkered with the idea of  becoming a CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife), but every time I entertained the idea through rotations on  the L&D (Labor and Delivery) floor or schooling it seemed wrong or impractical for me. When the option  of homebirth/birth center midwifery was presented to me a major part of my life came together.  Without hesitation I jumped in with both feet knowing this was the missing piece!

I always feel honored to participate in this powerful, intimate and exciting transition, not only for moms  but the entire family. It’s a beautiful moment when I get to contribute to the perfect act of a woman  yielding to her body and baby. Witnessing two people love each other in a way that they couldn’t  believe was possible, and experiencing a woman bringing forth her baby with an empowering mighty  roar. Life is good!